Grants history starting from 2014 to 2021 is shown. The accepted ones or active one are summed up in the graph. The number is counted by the starting year.

The current active grants are supported by the following agencies.

Grant List in 2021:

Fund Name Project title PI Co PI Dept Year
STIFA Securing the Vehicular Internet-of-Things (VIoT) in Smart Cities Ahmed Abd El-Malek Mohammed Abo-Zahhad ECE 2021
STIFA Applied of energy storage and nano technology on air conditioning and refrigeration systems and other different cooling and heating systems Hamdy Abo Ali Waheed Zahra ERE 2021
ITIDA SiPs ver 2: Smart infection protection system Maha Elsabrouty Ahmed Allam ECE-WRC 2021
ASRT Design and Fabrication of Promising Donor-Acceptor Type Polymers for Nonvolatile Memory Devices Mohamed Elkhouly   BAS 2021
AUF Innovation par le numérique Isam Hamza Maali Fouad LACC 2021
Almasrya for Developed Industries Company (BMC) FRP New Product Development Ahmed Hassanein Dr. Mohamed Midani GUC, Dr. Tamer Hamouda NRC MSE 2021
AUF SAFIR Atef Shabrawy Maali Fouad E-JUST 2021
STDF Developing, Designing and Producing Electrospinning Devices for Nanofiber and Electro-Spraying: Prototyping Lab and Semi Industrial Scale machines Ahmed Hassanein Dr. Kamal Mahmoud Alex Univ, Dr. Mohab Hossam MSE 2021
ITIDA VCOACH: Virtual Coaching for Indoors and Outdoors Sporting Walid Gomaa   CSE 2021
DAAD/University Duisburg-Essen (UDE)-Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) “Egyptian-German Academic Excellence in Water Treatment and Desalination”(Excel-Water)” Ahmed Saad Khalil   MSE 2021
JICA “Facial Detection/ Recognition for Personal and commercial applications employing regular “Moataz Abdelwahab   ECE 2021
JICA Termites Detection and Control Adel Bedair Ahmed El-Mahdy,Ahmed Allam,Dr. Hany Atallah(South Valley University),Ms./Mr. Rouzan Abdelmawla(TBD, tentative) ECE 2021
JICA Development of a novel LED lamp with healthy and comfortable light Mohsen Ghali Abdallah Mohamed(Lab Engineer), Mohamed Sami(Lab Engineer) BAS 2021
JICA Integrated CAD systems for Die and Mold Design (DMD-Tech) Mohsen Abdel-Naeim Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Hassab-Allah(Assiut University), Khaled Ibraheim El-Sayed(Assiut University), Mr. Mostafa Mohamed Helmy Geriesh
(Ph.D student, , Suez Canal University)
MSE 2021
STDF Clean Energy Generation via High Performance Hybrid Concentrator Photovoltaic/thermal Systems Mahmoud Amin Ahmed Abdelmoneim ERE 2021
STDF Laser-Assisted Fabrication of Materials for microelectronic applications Mohamed Gebreel Hassan Elhofy, Mohamed Gebreel, Member Dr. Diaa Abidou

Consultant- Prof Atef Hamada

MSE 2021
STDF Design and Control of a Magnetic Bearing System for Wind Turbine Applications Abdelfattah Mohamed Mohamed Fanni MTR 2021
ASRT Manufacturing of antimicrobial eco-friendly air filters integrated with the air conditioning Hassan Shoukry Dr. Esmail Elfakharany City of SR (SRTA-City) ENV 2021
STDF Development of a hybrid parallel-deployable structure-based multi-gripper transplanting robot for row-by-row pot seedlings transplanting in field Samy Assal Co-PI Dr. Haitham Elhusseiny (Banha University, PhD 2016), Dr. Ahmed Asker (Mansoura University, PhD 2017) MTR 2021
STDF Producing Carbon Nanotubes Like-materials from Diesel Engine Exhaust: Environment-friendly Added Value Ahmed Elwardany Eng. Amr Sanad (TA at the ERE department) ERE 2021

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