The following figure is the history of patents filed by E-JUST researchers.
There are 59 patents filed up to June 2021 among them, 56 are national patents and 3 are USA patents.

E-JUST got the first granted patent in Jan. 2019 since it was established. The patent number is 28928 and was filed in May 2015. And the second granted patent in Jan 2020 .

Inventors club members

1. Prof. Mohsen Ghali : Silver member (16 Patents).
2. Prof. Adel Bedair: Memebr
3. Dr.Ahmed Abdelmalek: Member
4. Prof. Amr Eltawil: Member
5. Prof. Maha Elsabrouty: Member
6. Prof. Mohamed Gebril: Member
7. Prof. Mohsen Khouzami: Member
8. Dr. Hassan Shokry: Member
9. Prof. Mona Gamal: Member
10. Prof. Ahmed Abdel Moneim: Member
11. Prof. Ahmed Allam: Member
12. Prof. Hamdy Abo Ali: Member
13. Prof. Hossam Shalaby: Member
14. Dr. Mohab Hossam: Member
15. Prof. Samy Assal: Member
16. Prof. Ahmed Elmahdy: Member
17. Prof. Ahmed Fath-ElBab: Member
18. Prof. Mohammed Fanni: Member
19. Prof. Marwa Elkady: Member
20. Prof. Ahmed Elshazly: Member

21. Prof. Sameh Nada : Member

22. Dr. Haytham Elsayed : Member

23. Dr. Wael Mahmoud : Member

24. Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Mawgod: Member

25. Dr. Tamer Fawzy Megahed

The followings are patents filed during 2021

There are 17 patents filed by EJUST members in 2021.

Name of the Invention Inventors Filing Number Filing Date Filing Place
Novel three stage reactor 1- Prof. Mona Gamal EL Din

Eng. Mohamed samy abd El Ghafar

145/2021 27/01/2021



Multi- Colored light from naturally derived quantum dots and method for the same. 1- Mohsen Ghali

2- Khadiga Mostafa Abd EL Shafi.

Magdi El Sayed Mahfouz

144/2021 27/01/2021 EG
Smart Monitor and Artificial Intelligence-based Electricity Controller (SMAIEC) 1. Amr Eltawil

Sara Atef

238/2021 15/02/2021 EG
Novel eco-friendly cost-effective hybrid membrane as air antivirus disposable breathing bio-filters 1. Hassan Shokry Hassan Ahmed

2. Eslam Sobhy Tawfik Salama

3. Deyaa Mohamed Abol-Fotouh Youssef

Marwa Farouk Mahmoud Elkady

237/2021 15/02/2021 EG
Design of a novel jerk sensor 1. Mohsen Khouzami

2. Mostafa Mohamed Helmy Hassan

3. Wael Mahmoud Khaireldin

Ahmed Rashad FathElbab

525/2021 6/4/2021 EG
A sanitizer made of renewable source and method of making 1. Mohsen Ghali

Abdallah Mohamed Rezk

646/2021 27/02/2021 EG
A displacer piston with variable internal heat transfer channels for free piston Stirling engine

1. Sameh Mohamed Nada

2. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Rashad

Shinsuke MORI

647/2021 27/02/2021 EG
Ronri: Logic Educational Device and Game (Model1.1)

Dr. Haytheam Elsayed 868/2021 7/6/2021. EG
Developing and Manufacturing of room UV disinfection

1. Ahmed Abdel-Mawgood

2. Ahmed Allam

Adel Bedair Abdelrahman

869/2021 7/6/2021 EG
Optically Sensitive solids from natural sources  

1. Mohsen Ghali

Kholoud Abdelraouf

867/2021 7/6/2021


Flexible electro thermal heaters, thermotherapy 1. Sandra Aboh Tembei Epse NGONG

2. Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim

3. Amr Hussein

Ahmed Rashad Fatah Elbab

1260/2021 11/8/2021 Egypt
patches for arthritis treatment Prof. Mohsen Ghali 1259/2021 11/8/2021 Egypt
Biomass derived quantum dots and method Dr. Samir El-Sagheer 1431/2021 9/9/2021 EG
Automatic speed limit violation detection, reporting and dynamic fine calculation 1. Prof. Ahmed El-Shazly

2. Dr. Marwa F. Alkady,

3. Eng. Randa Eslah Khalifa Ghonim,

Eng. Kholoud Madih

1432/2021 9/9/2021 EG
system using the Internet of Vehicles technology 1. Prof. Mohsen Ghali

Eng. Samar Aboulhadeed Gaber

1629/2021 13/10/2021 EG
Development of novel and innovative polymeric membranes for fuel cell applications 1. Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Hady Aly Salem Gepreel


2. Eng.Ahmed Hassan Ibrahim Awad

2021/1777 08/11/2021 EG
Homojunction organic diode and method of making 1. Dr. Tamer Fawzy Megahed

2. Prof. Sameh Mohamed Abdel Wahed Nada

1950/2021 07/12/2021 EG

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